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Kamis, 07 April 2011

How to manage your pocket money??

You know, some student confuse how to manage their pocket money. Not all of them come from a rich family. Thats why they must think before they use their money. When you want to buy something, it’s better if you wise. It’s not easy to your parent give you a money. They must work hard in 1 month to get their salary and then they give it a part of it to you. So you can filling you daily needs. For example, your food and drink when you at shcool, buy a stationary,buy gasoline for your transpotation,and etc.
Sometimes, something urgent come suddently. We can use our pocket money to something that urgent. It’s helpful. Sometimes we can use our pocket money to buy our basic necessities. Thats help our parents more frugal. We can buy our own clothes with our pocket money when we hang out with our friends too. You can feel proud if you buy something with your own pocket money. Next time when you want to buy something, lets try to think like this: that thing usefull or not, i need it or just interest with that, and worthed or not. Maybe thinking like this will help you to decide something you want to buy.
Another solution, like an accounting in office, you can make a list to write down your income and your expend. You can write what you buy, the date, the price, etc. if you get more extra money from your parent, you can write it to on your list. Or when you need more money to buy something important and you need it immediately, you can know how much money that you have and how much money that you must have. Or if you have a business, you can count your profit. It is very easy actually. You need to common and be patient to write it and keep it simple to understand. So at the end of month, you can know where your money gone.

The last solution if you have a lot of money on your pocket, don’t bring it everywhere you go. So much thief who hunt money out there. You can keep it into the bank. When the bank ask you about the credit card, ignore it, because you do not need it right now. You will not lose out your money when you save it in the bank, your money will be much more. So, never mind and confuse about you money when it in bank. Just relax. You can deposit your money. It will be more benefit to you. Why? Because the … will be more big than the ordinary…
That’s all I can give to you how to manage your pocket money. It’s not easy maybe, but more better if you try to manage your pocket money. If you manage it well, I think you will not dispointed. Someday when you grown up, you have to work and you will know how hard you reach your money. It’s not easy to earn money. So, use it well.

[by: Me ^^]

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